Depression, You are a Parasite


You are a parasite,

Sucking the life right out of me, and spilling all your poisonous intentions straight into my bloodstream.

I am your host, but don’t get too comfortable here.

This body is not your forever home.

You make my skin crawl,

No matter how much I scratch, cut and burn

I still cannot feel

Oh how I need my sweet release.

These dimensions of suffering have pulled me from reality.

You make me delusional,

No matter how many times I must tell myself that it’s okay to not be okay,

I still feel guilt for the fact that I fake every dimpled smile and tear drop laugh

When can I remove this skin-tight mask?

You are my other half,

I’ve learned to live with you from day to day

Years of suppressing the thoughts I cannot say

I cannot remember the day that we met

But what’s worse is I can’t imagine my existence if you ever left.