I Am Your Sun

I am the warm yellow light pouring over you

The brightest star in your eyes

Hot to the touch

But I promise you won’t burn

I shall keep you warm inside and out

Shine for you

Even in your darkest moments

Rise to fall again

Stuck in your magnetic field

Dancing in circles around you

You are my world

Without you, I would wander alone

In this maze of a universe

You make me feel at home


Meant To Be Alive

You’re sitting there on the cold floor

Looking with a blank stare at the door

Listening to city lights

By that one band

motionless in white

You hear the singing

and realize that the meaning

suddenly it gives you the urge

and now your bleeding

Snap out of your deep trance

Look at the blood that’s on your hands

Arms and legs smothered in red

You can’t get rid of the thoughts in your head

Couldn’t care less if you were dead

And you just feel so damn worthless

I know just how you feel

You just don’t know what to do

Sometimes it’s too unreal

Starve till you’re cold and your nails turn blue

Growing so fond of that emptiness inside

The pains remind you that your still strong

Blacking out so you can’t see the light

They tell you no, but you’ll prove them wrong

I know you’re looking for forever

That’s I’m staying here with you

To do anything to make things better

Oh, babe I’m never leaving you

No, were not perfect but that’s alright

You’re worth more than you realize

Look at me, straight in the eyes this time

Listen when I say, “You’re meant to be alive”.


A traveling soul
Freckles that show
Blurring visions into sight
Seeking warmth over light

All quiet but a riot
Poetic and passionate
Seeing beauty in flaws
Like a degenerate

Living in a dreamworld
Madly in love with a girl
Manipulative with words
All the letters begin to curve

With her interstellar lover
She leaves and won’t look back
Love and pain come together
Colors change then fade to black

After Hours

Long days were made for nights like this

I miss your voice, I long for a kiss

Something so simple yet it brings me bliss

I’m so in love, I’m not afraid to admit

I still get butterflies just thinking of you

Daydreaming of us is all I want to do

Only you can make me so emotional

An ounce of love away from an overdose

And I can never get enough of you

You are my drug and I would die for you

If you would leave me then I’m haunting you

You don’t believe me but I swear it’s true

I & U

I have always known you

I have never been alone

Even when I was by myself

I felt someone in my presence

Hovering over my shoulder

I know it was you

Sending me signals

Maybe you didn’t realize it

I felt you in visions

My senses were so vivid

Since we met

They’ve gotten stronger

Our Connection


What I’ve been exposed to

Guided me to you

Your gravitational pull

I am your Sun

You are my Moon


A fallen angel
Cannabis coloured eyes
Crystallized heart
She lives through the night

Broken Scattered and Scarred
But still she has my heart
Secrets whispered into glass
Left under pressure to crack

Falling deeper into the skies
Making our sweet compromise
Another day will fade away
Promises to always stay

Broken hearted but in love
Realities we’re running from
Knowing pleasure and pain
And she’ll show me the same

Crazy In Love

Loving you from far can be hard

Wants what it can’t have is the heart

If I saw this coming from the start

Would I fall for you just as hard?

I miss you all time

And you’re always on my mind

I got you living in my head

Feels just like you never left

Sadly and madly in love with you

There’s just so much I want to do

Can’t tell you so I’d rather show you

Too many things that we have to do

I swear I think I’m going crazy

Say you keep me sane

But you’re driving me crazy

I swear I know I’m insane

We can be psychotic together

Promise that I love you forever

I could never find someone better

Babe you know we belong together