Meant To Be Alive

You’re sitting there on the cold floor

Looking with a blank stare at the door

Listening to city lights

By that one band

motionless in white

You hear the singing

and realize that the meaning

suddenly it gives you the urge

and now your bleeding

Snap out of your deep trance

Look at the blood that’s on your hands

Arms and legs smothered in red

You can’t get rid of the thoughts in your head

Couldn’t care less if you were dead

And you just feel so damn worthless

I know just how you feel

You just don’t know what to do

Sometimes it’s too unreal

Starve till you’re cold and your nails turn blue

Growing so fond of that emptiness inside

The pains remind you that your still strong

Blacking out so you can’t see the light

They tell you no, but you’ll prove them wrong

I know you’re looking for forever

That’s I’m staying here with you

To do anything to make things better

Oh, babe I’m never leaving you

No, were not perfect but that’s alright

You’re worth more than you realize

Look at me, straight in the eyes this time

Listen when I say, “You’re meant to be alive”.


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